PPC3D is a 3D company, based on Torres Novas, in the center of Portugal. Our activity is mainly based on the development of products for motorsport industry. We manufacture plastic and metal composite parts, we provide 3D scanning services, dimensional parts control, reverse engineering, design, engineering projects and molds.

Our purpose arises from the need demonstrated by the competition car industry to have components made in a short time that meet the requirements in terms of performance, weight, reliability and motorsport regulamentations.

There is at present a technological embryo that will allow the world of motor racing competition to evolve faster and more efficiently, with lower production costs, which are more valuable for development. There is a need for constant improvement in parts so that motor sport companies can make their cars be able to do the difference. As parts manufacturers for car competition, we aim to reach the European market, but with the purpose in the future World market, this is the real reason for the importance we give to the development of the products, to their level of excellence.

Our dedication to the automotive world has come a long way. Our Engineering Technicians are members of research and development, engine engineering, electronics, electricity and mechanical engineering departments of other companies, with a lot of experience in those sectors.

We want to make a difference, we have a goal, we have the means of testing, and above all, we have experienced race drivers and their cars that test our products on the tracks. We are also supported by technical consultants such as Valter Ribeiro, M-SPORT engine engineer, among others, which are essential to our success.